The Raspberry Pi is a cool device, but …

The Raspberry Pi (RPi) is a cool device.

What makes it so cool is the ability to interact with external world through GPIO, I2C, etc…
But we quite all have a cooler device: our Android Smartphone!
And it’s easy to find an old (read 2 years old) Android smartphone no more used!

Moreover if we use an IOIO OTG which gives the smartphone the ability to interact like the RPi.

Here is a table comparing the RPi with an Android SmartPhone without and with the IOIO OTG module.

Raspberry Pi Android smartphone Android with IOIO OTG
Small form factor Yes Yes Yes
Power efficient Yes Yes Yes
Audio Jack Yes Yes Yes
Power USB cable Battery or USB cable Battery or USB cable
I2C bus 1x No 3x
SPI bus 1x No 3x
UART No No 3x
PWM 1x No 3x
GPIO 8x No 46x
Analog input No No 16
Networking Ethernet Wifi Wifi
Bluetooth No Yes Yes
Camera / Video No (option) Yes Yes
Case No (option) Yes Yes
Price 35$ Smartphone: depends OTG: 30$ / Smartphone: depends

The IOIO OTG module is an addon that provides a lot of input/output ports to connect to various modules.
See a list of some projects made with it:

For the price, they are not really comparable. The IOIO and the RPi are quite the same price, but you need an Android phone to use the IOIO. It’s only practical if you already have a not used phone. And using your day-to-day one for embedded development is not really an option.

See you for the next article on my first project with IOIO.

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